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(texto escrito após o Verão de 2016 e que se encontra conforme publicado naquela época - é bom lembrar que andámos esquecidos destes senhores durante praticamente um ano e só nos vamos lembrar novamente porque a nossa casa pode estar a arder, ou porque é cool aparecer a falar disto ou, simplesmente... porque queremos ir para a praia e está uma fumarada que não se pode. Surge o presente no âmbito de "cinco artigos a dizer bem de Portugal".)


Some regions in Portugal are dealing with huge fires and our Heros are not just Football Players, Pop Politicians or TV Stars.


Summer in Portugal means beach, parties and happy people everywhere. However, in Portugal, it is also the season when some of our true heroes show us their best – they sacrifice their families - and, unfortunately, sometimes even their lives. After celebrating the conquest of EURO 2016 and other achievements mostly overrated by politics and media, we find a nice beach... we rest a while and we tend to forget the true heroes of our forest, our people and our heritage… Portuguese firefighters. This is a tough job, saving a country of burning while more than 50% of our population enjoy their holidays and just get information on the news (mostly when the tragedy is almost out of control). At that moment it is easy to see "famous" people showing their concern… too late, and words… (I started this text 5 days ago, and now that this catastrophe is in all news around the world finally I see more people showing support in social media).


I have meet many firefighters, from soldiers to National Operations Commanders and I should say that you need to see the effort of leaving a family and fight for others’ family. You need to see, sometimes even badly trained people, working hard, risking their lives in some cases just for patriotism, not for money or exposure! General Schwarzkopf, a contemporary American General, once said that “the true courage is being afraid and going ahead and doing your job anyhow.” That’s what courage is and that’s what firefighters do. Like others, I have learned a lot with them!


When you visit Portugal and you see so many beautiful landscapes, I can assure you that, part of that beauty is “provided” by these fellows - firefighters, soldiers, forest guards and other people involved in this area – they also take part in our tourism, in our lives and in your safety. Those are some of the true heroes, the true Portuguese people; those are the big Portuguese team. And if you think it’s easy, just try to fight a fire alone or spend a week or more working in hell. If you feel sick or feel the pain of an accident, they will be there also for you and will make you feel better only with their words!


They do not have a name, agents or social media, but they have the courage and the feel of duty that we should be proud of. I have helped in the field and believe me, they are a true example of how to react to an unknown situation and keep the team spirit and the communication even when there is a lack of formal strategy and good leaders.


Those are the Heroes we are proud of! Thank you for taking care of us.


And please, dear traveller, ignore some media sensationalism (it’s summer and they need news to survive in the “silly season”) and do not forget to visit our beautiful country, despite everything, we still have the most beautiful country in the world and people that will stay in your heart to the rest of your lives.

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HD a 17.05.2017

(...esquecidos destes *senhores)

This oustanding men's work is always underrated!
As you said earlier, only when it's trendie or widely campagn referred, people go along with their fake helping hand...

Venham os outros 4 :D
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Robinson Kanes a 17.05.2017

Gracias :-)

Este é o segundo.

Indeed my friend. It is not fashion to talk about firefighters during winter time and there is no media coverage to populate social media of opportunist people.
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HD a 17.05.2017

Sabes, quando as pessoas mencionam os bombeiros na época fashion... até o tom de voz parece condescendente... :s



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